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I don’t know what happened but suddenly I am looking at a different sort of life. Although I guess suddenly is the wrong sort of word. Beyonce once said there’s no drumrolls or trumpets that signify when you’ve made an important life choice. The road to get here, in a way, has been surprisingly long, and yet incredibly scenic.

I moved back to Wales in 2009 in order to begin full-time university studies, then realising I couldn’t. I thought the best thing for me to do is make up for some lost time and just live simply, from day to day, and that three years after that I would get into full-time study.

Life had other plans, and I wandered into the world of retail management finding that I was actually quite good at it. What followed was an adventure, from different countries to different people, even different Mr. Pizarros. I’ve had a chance to travel, write, and see the world in a way I never expected.

The biggest factor has been my other half (boyfriend sounds so teenager-y), who when I have said time and time again that I want to jump to test these wings, has told me he’ll be ready to catch me should anything go horribly wrong. Finding freedom in another person, is a feeling I don’t even have words for.

The position I have held for the last five years has been rewarding, but it has also been exhausting. Retail is not a place for the complacent, and the faster you go the faster that thing behind you keeps at you. Yet in my mind are the hundreds of people I have seen along the way, those who I have given an opportunity to, or watched them grow into better human beings.

That was something I felt the strongest about when it came to this line of work, and when I realised I needed a job I could retire from, that didn’t demand the 24/7 mentality of running a store, teaching shined through.

Call it synchronicity, but I met customers over the next few days following my decision to pursue a teaching career that prompted towards that line of work. I did my research, painstakingly filled out pages and pages of paperwork, and was finally informed that despite my late application I had been successful in applying to Brunel University for a degree in English & Creative Writing.

In seven weeks the focus of my working life will change completely. I am taking two weeks to just crash and let it dawn on me that I no longer have to wake up chasing a group of people around in order to make money. For the next three years I will be focusing solely on myself, responsible for only myself. I’m going to remain in retail two days a week, so I’m going to get to see the other side of the role for the first time in years.

First though, I’ll have two weeks of preparing for university, getting back into a fitness routine, reading for pleasure before that goes away completely, working on my blogs, catching up on some sleep and starting  column with a new online magazine. Then two weeks in Italian sunshine before the registration for university begins.

It all starts here. Seven weeks and counting.




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